The myEZ Roadside Assistance benefit is available on a sign & drive basis throughout the United States and Canada, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Two family plans allow you to select the plan that's best for your family. Below is a summary & comparison of the two roadside benefits (VIP Plus and VIP Plus Gold) and are in addition to the VIP Plan benefits.

 VIP Plus RoadsideVIP Plus Gold Roadside
Flat tire
Fluid delivery
Long distance towing 
Ambulance service 
Emergency travel expense 
Traffic court defense 
Legal defense fees 
Map service 
Trip routing 


Sign & drive means you incur no out-of-pocket expense. The Roadside Assistance benefit limits for Towing, Lockout, Flat tire, Battery & Fluid delivery are available up to a maximum of seventy-five dollars ($75) per incident for the VIP Plus Plan and one hundred dollars ($100) for the VIP Plus Gold Plan.   There is a maximum of three (3) incidents per any given twelve (12) month period during the term of your membership. 

VIP Plus Gold roadside benefits also include the following:

  • Long Distance Towing Up to $200  If more than 100 miles from home, member may choose to have vehicle towed to home town.
  • Emergency ambulance service Member will be reimbursed up to $200 for transportation in an ambulance from the scene of an auto accident in which the member is involved, to hospital for emergency care.
  • Emergency travel expense If member becomes disabled 100 miles or more from home, club will reimburse member up to $300 for lodging/food expenses while waiting on repair or up to $300 for continuing the journey by commercial transportation.
  • $150 traffic court defense. Club will pay directly to the attorney of member's choice for defense in traffic court.
  • $750 legal defense fees Club will pay directly to attorney of member's choice, up to $250 for initial hearing and $250 for each subsequent hearing for a maximum total of $750, to defend member of vehicular homicide.
  • $150 legal fees Club will pay up to $150 consultation and retainer fees to prosecute a civil action against a driver or owner of a vehicle negligently causing an accident resulting in personal injuries to member as a driver or passenger in another vehicle
  • $150 legal feesClub will pay up to $150 consultation and retainer fees to prosecute a civil action against a driver or owner of a vehicle negligently causing an accident resulting in damages to member's automobile.
  • Free map service and trip routing Club will send member marked map with directions to member's stated destination.

  • All Service fees exceeding the maximum benefit are the responsibility of the member. Only service requests provided through the roadside 800# will be honored. Services are not available in areas where state providers are exclusively utilized.

    Only VIP Plus or Plus Gold Roadside memberships have Roadside benefits

    Call the toll free # on your membership card or on your myEZ mobile app if you need roadside service.

    As a member of the MyEZCarCare Program, all benefits are available to the Member and spouse and children who are living at home or are away at college as long as they are under the age of 22 with a valid driver license, up to your specific benefit limits without additional payments. You are responsible for any expenses over the per occurrence limits or for any non-covered expenses. Your Roadside Assistance benefits begin five (5) business days after signing up for Roadside benefits and will continue until the Expiration Date shown in your membership record. Timely membership renewals will automatically extend your membership Expiration Date.

Roadside Assistance FAQ            

Roadside benefits are only available to VIP Plus Roadside Members.        

VIP Members can UPGRADE to add Roadside benefits by logging in and clicking on Add Roadside on your dashboard.              

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