Know "why" - Before you go in for service!

Have you ever had the feeling that the Service Technician was just "trying to SELL you something" as you had no idea why or when a service was required?

The following articles and Car Care Tips will give you the knowledge and courage to defend against unnecessary maintenance and repair costs while letting you have an informed conversation regarding your vehicle.

Click on the links below for each article:

Tires - things you should know
Motor oil - things you should know
Brakes - things you should know
Battery - don't overlook this vital part
Gasoline - things to know
Transmission - things you should know
Engine coolant - things you should know
Filters - Fuel, engine air, cabin air
Tune up - Spark plugs, fuel injectors, timing belt and more
Winter driving tips

The Purchase - Tips for buying a car

Year end planning